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ARK Textured Grabbers
These are the "textured" version of ARK's popular Grabber mouthing tools. The raised nubs on the Textured Grabber increases the stimulation of the Grabber's surface.

The Textured Grabber made of the standard soft Grabber material is magenta. The Textured Grabber XT made of firmer material is lime green.

Grabbers are made of FDA-approved material and contain no latex.

ARK Textured Grabber , MagentaGA-100-TEX-M$7.99
ARK Textured Grabber, Firm, Lime GreenGA-TEX-XT-G$7.99
ARK Textured Grabber Mix, (1 Magenta, 1 Lime)GA-200-TEX$15.98

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