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Equipment Shop brings you a carefully selected assortment of books and videos full of information, practical guidance, inspiration, and support for families and professionals.

Our Teacher is in a Wheelchair by M. E. Powerstions

Gaining Control of the Trunk: Treatment of the Young Child with Spasticity

The Child with Hypotonicity: Treatment for Lower Extremity Awareness and Control

From Focus to Function: A Pediatric Treatmenttions.

My Brother Matthew

Building the Healing Partnership: Parents, Professionals and Children with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities

Circles of Friends: People with Disabilities and their Friends Enrich the Lives of One Another

Living with a Brother or Sister with Special Needs

Myofascial Release & Its Application to Neuro Developmental Treatment

Approach to Treatment of the Baby

Set of all 4 Regi Boehme Books

Taking Tube Feedings to School

Tube Feedings are Mealtimes, Too

The Journey from Tube Feedings Toward Oral Feedings

The 'Get Permission' Approach to Mealtimes & Oral Motor Treatment

Set of 4 Marcia Klein Videos (DVD)

Using the Therapy Ball to Treat the Pediatric Patientpay off the regu

Treatment of the Child with Hypotonia

Facilitating the Components of Gait-PartIi

Facilitating the Components of Gait-PartII

Set of 4 Therapeutic Treatment Videos

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