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ARK Grabbers
Made of FDA approved soft plastic, it's a mouthing tool that is easy to hold and exceptionally resilient. The Magenta Grabber has a soft resilience, the Lime green Grabber XT is made of a firmer plastic compound. Wash up with soap and water.

Sold in sets of 2 or 6. Contains no latex.

ARK Grabber mix (1-Magenta Grabber, 1-Lime Green Grabber XT)GA-200$15.98
ARK Grabber XT, Lime Green (set of 2)GA-100XT-2$15.98
ARK Grabber, Magenta (set of 2)GA-100-2$15.98
ARK Grabber XT, Lime Green (set of 6)GA-100XT-6$47.94
ARK Grabber, Magenta (set of 6)GA-100-6$47.94

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