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Jaw Rehabilitation Program, by Mary Schiavoni, M.S., CCC-SLPpay off t
Manual of step-by-step oral motor goals and objectives to develop biting and chewing skills. The progression of treatment presented in the JRP is delineated into seven outcome levels. Goals and objectives in Level I and II target the development of prerequisite sensory and motor skills. Goals and objectives in Level III through VII follow a progression of treatment to facilitate and strengthen functional patterns of mandibular movement. All treatment is praciced using Chewy Tubes, the new innovative oral motor device, rather than real food.

It is appropriate to use the JRP with children or adults who are transitioning from pureed textures to more advanced textures. Therapists may also use the JRP with clients who require oral therapy following stroke or craniofacial surgery.

Set includes Manual, 25 Assessment Sheets, three 3/8" small Yellow Chewy Tubes and three 1/2" medium Red Chewy Tubes. (Chewy Tubes are intended for individual patient use and can be purchased separately).

Jaw Rehabilitation Program, by Mary Schiavoni, M.S., CCC-SLPJRP-1$89.95

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