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ARK Tri Chew
ARK Tri Chews offer a wide variety of shapes and textures for chewing and mouthing. Each 'Point' of the Tri Chew has a different shape and surface in addition to the different textures on each of the sides of the triangle.

Add to that two different firmnesses of plastic and Tri Chews are very versatile.

Standard firmness Tri Chew is Yellow. The firmer Tri Chew XT is Green.

Buy in sets of 2 or 6.

TriChew Mix, 1 Yellow, 1 GreenTC-200$17.98
TriChew XT, Green, set of 2TC-XT-G-2$17.98
TriChew, Yellow, set of 2TC-Y-2$17.98
TriChew XT, Green, set of 6TC-XT-G-6$53.94
TriChew, Yellow, set of 6TC-Y-6$53.94

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